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Residential bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring is very beautiful and makes your home or office look elegant. Bamboo Flooring Guys offer residential bamboo flooring installation services to all residents who would like to remodel their home floor or new home owners who are currently constructing their homes. Whether you want the bamboo floor to be installed in your kitchen or living room we will ensure that you get what you want. We can help transform your kitchen or living room using our bamboo flooring. For home owners who already have bamboo flooring installed in their homes and would like any replacements or repair, Bamboo Flooring Guys will offer you bamboo flooring repair and replacement services at a very affordable price. Call us on 888-408-1114 to get started with our services and products.


Commercial stone tile installation

For business persons who have offices in and would like to make their offices or business look elegant with bamboo flooring, Bamboo Flooring Guys can help you give your office a complete makeover to make it look more classy and elegant with our wide range of bamboo flooring products. We have in the past help business owners remodel and renovate their offices to give the office a new and elegant look. We will also advice you on the best way to install the bamboo floor in your office and offer you a variety of installation designs that you can use in your office. Call us on 888-408-1114 for more information about our commercial bamboo flooring installation services.


Bamboo flooring product supply and delivery

Bamboo Flooring Guys is the largest bamboo flooring supplier in the region, we supply bamboo flooring materials to contractors and home owners who are constructing their new home or who want to remodel their homes. We have large trucks that can carry loads of products and deliver them to your desired destination. We also have qualified drivers who are trained to safely drive and deliver bamboo flooring products to different customers in the area. When you place an order of our bamboo flooring products, we will deliver your order to your ideal destination. By offering unparalleled service and a dynamic selection of bamboo flooring products, Bamboo Flooring Guys is one of the most comprehensive sources for bamboo flooring products that include; Neopolitan strand bamboo flooring, Havana strand bamboo flooring, Amber Edge Grain Bamboo and any other bamboo flooring made to the customers specifications.

Call us to learn more about our services and products on 888-408-1114.

Bamboo Flooring

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If you are interested with our services or our products, you can call our customer service on 888-408-1114 and let them know the products or services that you need from us. You can also call to ask questions that you might be having about our bamboo flooring and other products and services that we offer. We welcome all who would like to learn more about bamboo floor to call us. You can also get some advice on taking care of your bamboo floor by calling Bamboo Flooring Guys customer service on 888-408-1114. We are always happy to serve you and ensure that your needs and expectations are met.

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